Mental Wellness & Health Support
- Our Dream -

Mental Wellness Support

To offer well researched training to church groups, community groups and corporates throughout the Wellington Region, providing attendees with practical tools to live a resilient life despite what the past, present, or future throws at them.

Mental Health Support

To provide loving and reliable support for members of our community experiencing severe mental health issues. Creating an environment where they feel part of a caring community with other like-minded people and are able to share their joys and challenges without judgement and where possible get practical support if needed.

Where we are up to

Mental Wellness Support

Having completed several training courses and worked through my own challenging experiences in a I have now spent two years providing regular night classes and 1 day seminars.

We have recently signed up with a Christchurch based training organisation to use their material which has been adapted for two audiences, Faith Based and Corporate, offering a range of opportunities. For brochures please email us here indication which audience group you represent.

Mental Illness Support

Over the last eight years we have gathered a group of around forty members of the Upper Hutt Mental Illness community and provided a fortnightly event where they can come for encouragement and relationship building over a tasty meal. We also offer all kinds of practical help between events. Recently a number from this community have started helping us in the Garden Project described in this website.