Ron Vink

Founding Director

About 10 years ago Ron retired after a rewarding career in the property and building industry. As a way to express his gratitude for the many blessings in his life he set up the 4 A Better City Trust. His desire is to see the vulnerable people in the Upper Hutt community enjoy greater mental, spiritual, social, and economic wellbeing. Ron is committing the rest of his life to that cause. With the help of his amazing team and the wonderful volunteers who work alongside him, he is thoughtfully rolling out projects that will bit by bit lead to the fulfilment of his dream.  

Apart from this work he loves spending time with his wonderful wife of 42 years, his three daughters and their families, his friends, and his church.

Mahinga Kai Team

Mahinga Kai Garden Team

Our Mahinga Kai Urban Farm team is headed up by Allison Kingsford (middle). Dan & Elizabeth work with her, as well as an awesome team of volunteers to bring you fresh, nutrient dense vegetables and salad through our CSA Box Program