Mahinga Kai Urban Farm

Mahinga Kai is an Urban Farm spread over several locations in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Our vegetables, salads and microgreens are grown using only organically certified sprays, natural fertilisers and our self-produced compost. We are mentored by For The Love of Bees. who have been working with our team showing them a far better way to develop a productive Urban Farm that is good for the soil, working with in-ground beds and planning the planting using either “Multi-cropping” or “Companion-planting” methods.

Mahinga Kai is part of 4 A Better City Charitable Trust which runs a back to work program through MSD and supports vulnerable people in our community.



Our produce is sold using a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. A CSA initiative creates a symbiotic relationship between the farmer and the community. The community supports their local farmer by committing to purchasing a share of vegetables over the season, and in return they know they will be cared for by committed farmers growing high quality produce.

Becoming a CSA member will entitle you to a box of freshly harvested vegetables every week for the season, calculated in 13 week cycles from 1 March. Our farm produces a wide variety of produce so the make-up of a box will change each week depending on what is in season and ready to be picked.

To help reduce packaging waste you will need to bring your own box, bag, or container with you when picking up your produce or for a small fee of $4 per week you can have your box delivered within the Upper Hutt urban area.

Mahinga Kai have 3 CSA options available:

Family Box

$35/PW or $416 or part thereof (when paid upfront)

Sign up to receive a weekly box of fresh and seasonal vegetables, enough for a family.

Duo Box

$24/PW or $286 or part thereof (when paid upfront)

Sign up to receive a weekly box of fresh and seasonal vegetables, enough for two people.

Salad Club


Join our salad club for a weekly helping of fresh salad mix.

What happens if I go away?

There are three options if you go away for a week or more, first is you tell us and we deliver your box to a needy household in Upper Hutt. Second, you chat to a family member or friend and either gift it to them or they pay for it that week. Third, you give us at least 2 weeks notice and we will cancel your box for this period of time.

Interested in joining us?

Please fill in the form provided if you wish to receive information on becoming a CSA program member.