Our Dream

A sad fact in our society is that healthy food costs more than junk food, so it is understandable that many people on lower incomes feel forced into buying unhealthy food. We at 4 A Better City want to do our part to change that in Upper Hutt. We believe that with the support of our community we can. 

Our dream is to create what we call an Urban Farm, large enough that we can grow enough healthy food at very affordable prices and then through a combination of cooking classes, a healthy food store and community dinners at different locations around the city we will be able to support lower income families either make their own tasty, healthy dishes at home or they can come along with their families and enjoy a tasty healthy meal with lots of other locals on a regular basis. 

Where We Are At Today

Recently we renamed this project “Mahinga Kai” which means “To Work the Food”. We manage 50 Garden Beds, two Poly tunnels, A Food Processing Plant, a CSA programme, a Composting Programme, the Kai Kart and two community dinners.

Cooking Classes are coming soon, so watch this space…..